Lift the veils of illusion and activate the  highest creator frequencies available to you right now!

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Are you ready to create a reality of your dreams for yourself?

And live freely, choosing your own adventure?

And activate some cosmic superpowers along the way?


Awesome, means we both love cosmic things that can be applied to everyday life.

For the first time ever, I’m sharing my Limitless Creator Codex with the world.

Over the last several years I’ve used these quantum methods to shift into a life of deep inner freedom, activated abilities, and joy.

And if you know that your potential is HUGE, that you’re meant to and deserve to live a life that you’ve dreamed about, creating all around you effortlessly, you will love this activation.

The thing is, most of us have grown up with a lot of limiting beliefs placed on us by society. Many of us have 200-500+ of these beliefs that are running in the background. Some are even coded into our DNA and we’re not aware of them.

Once we dissolve these templates of fear, we free up all the energy holding them to create the life that we want.

Once we experience clarity, we see through all illusions thrown at us and effortlessly choose our own way that is aligned to our Soul.

As part of my work to teach people the Limitless Creator Codex, I have witnessed magical transformations.

I have taught amazingly talented clients around the world to dissolve all illusions keeping them from creating their own reality and have watched them start new businesses, experience joy and magic daily, and channel Light Beings.

I have watched people find clarity on their purpose and leave unaligned work and love relationships.

As we clear our channel and learn to connect to our Soul, we can achieve things most people on the planet at the moment would call supernatural.

Remember Steve Jobs? What if I told you that connecting to your Soul enables a similar level of visionary abilities?

When we are connected and aligned to our Soul, not just on a mental level but on an EMBODIED, FEELING level, we become FREE.

And if you want to take a big step on your journey to activating your Galactic abilities, and experience what it’s like to have deep connection to your Soul, please join me in this online event.

In this training, you will:

  • EMBODY deep clarity and presence through dissolving destructive Matrix templates keeping you from connecting to your Soul
  • ACTIVATE your Limitless Creator frequency which enables you to create your reality from joy, wisdom, and abundance
  • LEARN how to manage your ascension and evolve at quantum speed
  • LIFT the veils of illusion and unlock your next highest timeline of freedom

I am excited for what happens in your life after you receive this powerful activation.

Please know, this is material directly from my Limitless Creator Mastermind, and all my clients are also doing this training as part of the program - meaning you are experiencing my work exactly the same as if you had paid for it.

Why is this free?

Because all of us want to help others at a certain stage of our journey, and your ability to shift into your highest timelines will help anchor the world in 5D.

Because if you have BIG dreams, once you experience this activation, I trust you’ll want to go deeper once you’re ready.

Live your Magic



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Your Host...

Alex M

Business, Ascension & Abundance Mentor


What Others Say...

Samantha Sanford
Soulful Communications | Quantum Business Manager
“If you want to experience MASSIVE upgrades and shift into higher and higher timelines in your personal AND business life - work with Alex!

In a few short months everything changed for me. My business expanded rapidly, needing to grow my team in order to sustain the influx of soul-aligned clients that were effortlessly flowing into my field.

A passion project of mine to redefine womanhood was sitting stagnant for years only to be fully activated and unfolding beautifully and effortlessly now.

My channeling abilities and connection with my star family have amplified, benefiting my personal life and relationships beyond measure.

I have never felt more confident, sure, and certain of myself, my soul mission, and where I’m headed - in my entire life!

Alex is always and only ever 100% authentic and genuine. A true wizard and multidimensional being. His abilities to shift rapidly in his own ascension journey have given me permission to follow suit - and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited!

Thank you Alex, you will forever be a galactic legend in my books!”
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